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Sulfur Massage Rods for Pain Relieve


Cannelli di Zolfo (gift box included, add optional gift message at check out)

A popular remedy in Italy can be found in pharmacies common in the Liguria region. 

Just what I needed... I thought,  given the recent events. I got a stick from a friend to try.  It's not FDA approved like many supplements you find at Whole Foods, but it did work for me on my neck/shoulder pain.  


Place it in freezer for 5 minutes before use. 

Roll one surfer rod on the affected area for 3 minutes. Listen for the crackle and pop. The motion rebalances the epidermis of our skin and the underlying zone.  It also releases tension and muscular blocks. 

After using, rinse it under running water.  Store in a dry place preferably in the original packaging.  Pulverize any broken pieces no longer usable for rolling and dissolve them in warm water for a soothing, healing foot bath. 

They are also sometimes used to before Reiki sessions to optimize result. 

Ingredient:  100% Sulfur 

Size: 3"(long) x 1"(diameter)

Sold as a set of three.  Comes in beautiful slide out white gift box. 

Keep away from heat and fire.  I'd  say keep it away from your pets too. Ingesting too much of this thing may lead to diarrhea. 

Made in Italy. 

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