Stora Skuggan Thumsucker

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House: Stora Skuggan

Country of origin: Sweden

Olfactory notes:

Top notes are Honey and Narcissus; middle notes are Violet and Cherry; base notes are Bitter Almond, Styrax, Beeswax and Himalayan Cedar.

"It started with the idea of creating a hangover perfume, a sweet and comforting cloud to fill the void of chemical anxiety we find ourselves in after too much of a good time. A scent of hedonistic self-soothing, with an aspect of craving for intimacy. The name Thumbsucker represents this compulsive need of physical contact and existential comfort.

As we do love a good myth, we also wanted to find a story that could place the fragrance in time and space. We started researching different explanations of thumb sucking in folklore from around the world, until finally stumbling upon the myth of Yuvanaswa and Mandhata. It may not contain any depictions of hangovers, but it does tell of magic potions and gods with nectar in place of blood – this seemed fitting as honey and flowers had been the foundation of the fragrance from the very start of the project. The rest fell into place when we found ourselves in ancient India and the Himalayas, where a specific cedar tree grows that smells absolutely divine, and there exists a species of wild cherry native to the region. In this intersection between hangovers and mythological Hindu magic, the fragrance Thumbsucker was created.