Stora Skuggan Moonmilk


Moonmilk  by Stora Skuggan is an artisanal perfume hand blended in Sweden. 

Inspired by the mist from limestone stalactites glistening in wet cave walls under moonlight, known as "moonmilk", the scent captured the beauty through comforting notes of black tea, pepper, sandalwood and leather. 


Self-taught niche perfumer Thomas Hempel founded Stockholm fragrance house Stora Skuggan in an ode to a beautiful countryside location not far from his home. Employing the clean refinement of Scandinavian design to allow each sent to play out in physical form, his perfumes tell tales of nature, adventure and folklore through magical note combination that offer an instant sense of escapism. - at tempting and arresting as the objets d'art they're bottled in.

30 ml eau de parfum

Due to shipping restrictions, perfumes can only be filled  within continental US and Canada, and Mexico by ground shipment. 

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