Sound of Fischer #5 Limited Edition Vinyl by Sigur Rós



Limited Edition Vinyl 

Music made by Jónsi (Sigur Rós), Alex Somers, Kjartan Holm and Sindri Már Sigfússon (Sin Fang). 

Play the soundtrack after lighting Fischer's unique incense stick or cone.  Meditate and transport yourself to the place of light and beauty. 

Fischer is a family run business from Iceland that harnesses a collective of artisans at the intersection of scent, shop, gallery and art. The team includes Jónsi (formerly Sigur Rós), Lilja, Inga Birgis, Rosa and their partners Sindri and Kjartan. The brand lives in an experiential shop in downtown Reykjavik – a creative, family-run space in which every object and environment has been designed with care and attention to convey the aesthetic manifesto – to allow the senses to synthesize and harmonize. 

Made in Iceland  



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