Seamless Coco Mask

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Premium Japanese printed cotton in polkadot print. 

Color: Black background white polkadots. Black elastic ear loops. 

Lining: 100% organic cotton twill in black.

Now that we all had more experience with masks than we bargained for, we know more about how hard it can be to make them fit well and comfortably. We have found a few ways that greatly improve the experience. 

The new seamless style has no center seam and it is sculpted by two darts near the nose bridge and chin to create more space that reduces fogging for eyeglass wearers. By adjusting ear loops with cord locks, you can easily create a flattering V shape at the chin.  Pull on the bottom cord until the mask wraps under your chin snugly. 

Standard: 6.5"(H) x 9"(W) x Sides 2" elastic cord = 7"

Cord locks for ear loop adjustment included.

Made in USA 

Machine wash, tumble dry ok.  Steam or iron to restore shape. Keep elastic ear loops away from heat.