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Reversible Mens Denim Palermo Mask

$12 $30

American denim mask with paisley bandana print light weight breathable miracle weave lining. 

Classic style with center seam.

Mask comes with optional adhesive nose wire and adjustable ear loops. 

Unisex Standard: 6.5"(H) x 9"(W) x Sides 2.5" elastic cord = 7" adjustable ear loops

Full coverage.

Standard size is full coverage and meant to fit a spectrum of women and men. It should cover the face from top of your nose and wraps under the chin into a v-shape. 

Care: Machine wash tumble dry ok.  Hand wash hang dry recommended. Steam or iron to restore shape. 

Material 100% cotton 

Made in USA

Personal items are not returnable.  Please email us if you have questions.


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