Large Bouquet Candle | Forest

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Obsession worthy, beautiful hand sculpted beeswax candle in forest green.  

This is an 11" tall,  fully adorned taper candle. 

Bouquet candles in the image of floral designs are hand sculpted petal by petal. Made with love by families in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Many conventional candles are made of paraffin wax. We insisted on getting ours made with 100% beeswax to maximize their air-purifying benefits with less impact on Mother Earth. 

Not scented but the candle itself has a natural sweet smell of beeswax. 

Candles will be packed individually  with utmost care and protection, however, small imperfections are expected for these fragile handmade products.

Due to the fragile nature, this item is only available for local pick or delivery and shipping  within California.