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LA BRUJULA Tin Sardines in Olive Oil 16/20 PCS


Hands down the best gourmet tin fish on the market.  Firm-textured small sardines.  Not mushy or fishy like some of the other premium canned seafood. Mildly flavored makes these the best choice to serve with Chili Joy. 

Party size 16-20 pieces per tin.  Feeds a party of 4 ppl. 

Company: La Brújula
Ingredients: sardines, olive oil, salt
Country of Origin: Galicia, Spain

La Brújula Sardines are sustainably fished from plankton-rich waters off the coast of Galicia between in months of June through October.

Sardines were gently steamed and hand-packed in tins. Preserved in Spanish olive oil and a pinch of salt. The pieces are pristine with a firm texture. Perfect for serving right out of the tin on a fish plate instead of the traditional charcuterie for dinner parties. 

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