Mens Suiting Herringbone Mask

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A clean,  minimalist mask made from herringbone twill.  An ideal style and size for men. 

Mask comes with optional adhesive nose wire and adjustable ear loops. 

100% cotton Herringbone suiting material lined with organic cotton twill.

Standard: 6"- 6.5" (H) x 9"(W) x Sides 3.5" Elastic 7" 

Fits a spectrum of men and women.  Should cover the nose and wrap under the chin and create a v-shape at chin.

Large7"(H) x 10"- 10.5"(W) x Sides 3.75" Elastic 7" 

Generally fits someone who wears a hat size 7 3/4 or larger.  Please check size chart to confirm.

Care: Machine wash tumble dry ok.  Hand wash hang dry recommended. Steam or iron to restore shape. 

Made in USA

Personal items are not returnable.  Please email us if you have questions.