Maison Modulare

Handblown Glassware | Amber Tint


Traditional handblown glassware is updated to fit the modern sensibility. Heavy and substantial.

Subtle amber smoke tint on the bottom of the glass that results in iridescent when used outdoors under direct sunlight. 

Handmade in rustic glass factories by female artisans. Each glass is slightly different due to the hand-made process.  

Dimension (diameter x height) 

Shot Glass  (2oz) 1.7"Dx 2" H 

Rocks Glass:  3" D  x 3.5" H

Carafe: 3.5 D x 9.4" H + 1 Glass Lid 

Microwave, dishwasher safe.

Made in a rustic glassware workshop in Hidalgo, Mexico. 

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