Gaffer & Child

Cosmic Cleansing Oil


With a golden rich hue and the sweet scent of fennel, we find this to be the most gentle oil cleanser on the market that effectively removes dirt and make up and preps the skin for exfoliation. Can also be used as eye makeup remover. 

Instructions: distribute 4-6 pumps into palms. press into dry skin, then wet hands and gently massage. wipe clean with a warm, steamy face towel, rinse and repeat until skin is soft and cleansed.

Ingredients: sweet fennel, fresh bergamot, golden lemon, extra virgin olive, jojoba

More info from  Gaffer and Child:

Antioxidant-rich goodness cushions and lovingly cleanses skin, effortlessly melting away makeup and environmental debris, while softening and clearing congestion and dullness. infused with nature’s disinfectants, fennel and golden lemon, our repairing skin cleanser is naturally relaxing. we’ve tapped into nature’s powers with the use of fresh bergamot and jojoba to relieve inflammation and redness. massage this super natural blend of organic oils and extracts into your skin in the morning and evening to achieve the ultimate balance between deep clean and deep moisturizing.

1.7 fl. oz

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