Moonlight Gift Set

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Gift box includes: 

Moonmilk  unisex fragrance by Swedish perfumer Stora Skuggan 

Substitute can be made with any other scents from Stora Skuggan 

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1 x 3x5" artisanal pillar candle  made from amber tree resin.

Olfactory notes: black tea, lime; cardamon, lily-of-the-valley, mandarin, black pepper; sandalwood, tan leather.

At night, the moon shines into the cave so brightly the light itself seems to take form, like a mist. It gathers in the ceiling and makes the limestone stalactites glitter and gleam, dripping tears of white liquid into puddles on the rock floor that never dries. Moonmilk. - Conrad Gessner

30 ml eau de parfum