Onyrico Ingenum | Perlato Marble Cap


House: Onyrico

PerfumerLuca Maffei

Country of origin: Italy

Olfactory notes: bergamot, safran, nutmeg; damascan rose, tobacco, gardenia; guaiac wood, vetiver of java, santal wood, amber

Spicy, floral, woody

A contrasting shade of woody damask rose, gardenia and masculine tobacco is released from an opening elusive as apparently discordant. Aromatic saffron and bright bergamot take force from a nutmeg spicy note.

The base emerges suggestive and mysterious. Precious woods give off scents of rare evocative depth. Vetiver from Java, with its unmistakable fougère note, symbol of lasting freshness; the aromatic and floral guaiac wood, also called “Lignum Vitae”, the noble symbol of longevity; sandalwood, intense and enveloping with vibrant meditative scents.

Seal up the composition the magical alchemy of amber.

The marble is Perlato of Sicily. This particular marble evokes Leonardo Da Vinci drawings.

The fragrance is a Special Edition in Extrait de Parfum 29%.

100 ml extrait de parfum


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