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Skin Renew Kit


Enjoy clean, glowing, healthy-looking skin within 10 days.  

Gaffer & Child has been carried and vetted by discerning customers at Erewhon market for the last 6 years before we met the founders and decided to carry their products. 

We follow the routine outlined here, and saw significant results in a short amount of time. We found out, for anything you put on your skin, less is truly more, and natural remedies are better than heavily formulated “miracle” products. 

Step 1: Gaffer & Child Cosmic Gentle Oil Cleanser   1.7 fl oz  

Removes dirt, makeup without irritating the eyes or skin. 

Step 2: Gaffer & Child Stardust Gentle Clay Exfoliator  1.7 fl oz 

Resurface the skin and restore glow. 

Step 3: Gaffer and Child Lunar Youth Serum  1.7 fl oz 

Repairs with this oil based skin superfood.  Quickly absorbed into the skin. Use lunar serum for night, solar serum for day. 

Gift a gift to yourself or  someone who loves natural ingredients, heavily botanical scents, and minimalist luxuries. 

Made in Topanga Canyon, California  



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