Maison Modulare

Sartorialist Beige Mask L + XL

$6.50 $28

Vienna herringbone in oatmeal beige contrasted with honey mustard plain weave twill.  Reversible. 

Mask comes with an optional adhesive nose wire and adjustable ear loops. 

Large : 6"- 6.5"(H) x 9.5"(W) x Sides 3.5" Elastic 7"

Large size is full coverage and meant to fit a spectrum of women and men. It should cover the face from the top of your nose and wraps under the chin into a v-shape. If you have a smaller face, consider choosing a style available in standard or XS.

XL: 7"(H) x 10"- 10.5"(W) x Sides 3.75" Elastic 7" 

Josef is 6'4 wearing size XL 

Care: Machine wash tumble dry ok.  Hand wash hang dry recommended. Steam or iron to restore shape. 

100%  cotton twill with organic cotton contrast material imported from Japan. 

Made in the USA 

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