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Gaffer and Child Solar Youth Serum


Solar Youth Serum - Day Time Skin Protection 

Skin protection is important at every age, and this sun harmonizing serum is packed with natural ingredients that provide protective properties 

Unlike sunscreen this nutrient dense, UV protection serum doesn't stay on the surface of your skin. It gets absorbed into the skin completely. Incorporate the serum into your morning Gua Sha or face roller routine for fabulous results. 

Instructions: after cleansing skin, apply 2-3 drops of lunar youth serum into hands. gently press fingertips to cheeks, forehead and chin to evenly distribute before massaging into skin.

Ingredients: lavender, magnolia, rosemary, bergamot, tamanu, red raspberry seed, carrot seed, meadowfoam seed, squalane, jojoba.

Vitamin rich serum that boosts radiance, helps firm skin and visibly diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and pores for smoother-looking skin. our solar youth serum is formulated with distilled botanicals including lavender essential oil, rosemary, and squalane. our formula is clinically demonstrated to help reduce the appearance of lines and deep-set wrinkles, while boosting radiance and helping even skin texture over time. formulated with antioxidant rich botanicals our serum begins working immediately, potent, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin.

1 fl. oz

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