Sunset Market Tote

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Introducing the Sunset Bag. 

Right before the pandemic, I made a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico and fell in love with the local culture.

Life is simple there.  Oaxaca is one of the poorest regions in Mexico but the richest in culture and craftsmanship.   It's our pleasure to share with you, our first hand bag custom made  in Oaxaca, Mexico - one of the many fine goods that we will bring to you from this part of the world.  

The world where slow goods are the only way of life. 

100% recyclable vinyl. Tightly hand woven, made to last. 

Dimensions: 16(W)x 13(H) x 5.5(D)"

Perfect for grocery shopping, your next beach adventure, and lots more.

Easy to clean. Rinse with water and soap as needed.