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House: Bravanariz

PerfumerErnesto Collado Sala

Country of origin: Spain

Plants: Chamomile, rosemarySpanish Lavander, immortelle, cypress, rockroses/Estepes 

Description: Muga is the name of the river that crosses the Alt Empordà, connecting the mountains with the sea. The river plays the role of a matchmaker in this strange marriage between two opposing worlds. 

Uses and properties:
Spring enlivens us. Rosemary and immortelle raise our spirits, and cypress is a powerful and well-known antidepressant (we ask ourselves why they are planted in cemeteries). To compensate for all that enthusiasm, chamomile and Spanish lavender add a dash of serenity, and the familiar elegance of lavender takes you by the hand and reassures you.

Very important: shake before use, since it has not been filtered in order to preserve all its natural properties and its complex aromatic richness.

50 ml eau de parfum



Read about Bravanariz in the New York Times here.


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