Golden Goddess Gift Set

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A thoughtful gift for the radiant goddess in your life. 

Gift set includes one Ingrid French bouclé mask made by our best seamstresses in the Atelier along with the impeccably packaged portable solid perfume formulated based on the white Carrara marble dust powder. 

House: I Profumi del marmo

Country of origin: Italy

Olfactory notes: Cherry, strawberry, peach, bergamot, pineapple; marshmallow, magnolia, rose, jasmine; vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar wood, white musk, guaiac wood.  

This solid perfume is made using a special formula based on the white Carrara marble dust powder. After applying it on the body, you will feel the unforgettable sensation of velvety skin, the same of a marble statue. This ultra-portable formula is alcohol free and it is perfect for everyday use and traveling.

The coin seal is made by the "Maestri del Collegio dei Monetieri" of the "Antica Zecca" of Lucca (Tuscany). Each coin reproduces episodes inspired by the novel Pinocchio written by Carlo Collodi.

5g / 0.17 fl.oz solid perfume