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CHILI JOY Flavor Popping Condiment 7oz


Chili Joy is a natural flavor enhancer made from a harmonious blend of chili peppers infused in safflower oil. Medium heat to be enjoyed again and again. We recommend serving equal parts of oil and sediment per scoop. 

Ingredients: Chili, Peppercorns, Garlic, Kosher Salt, Safflower Oil

What is Chili Joy used for? 

Simple everyday meals, not limited to a particular type of cuisine.  This clean, intensely flavored sauce is best served with roasted vegetables, salad, bread, pasta, and pizza!  Instead of charcuterie  boards, surprise guests with a spread of tinned fish tapas with a side of Chili Joy 

What is Chili Joy made of? 

There are about 4000 varieties of chili in the world. Just a dozen best were chosen for Chili Joy. The main ingredients are a wide variety of regional chili and peppercorns.  Slow-roasted to perfection, cooked with a small amount of kosher salt and garlic in healthy safflower oil. 

What Makes Chili Joy special? 

Clean and sophisticated. This is the only chili sauce on the market that allow the purity of chili peppers to speak for itself. No anchovies, shrimp paste, shallots, nuts, or any potential allergens commonly found in chili sauces. 

No garlicky aftertaste. This is a chili sauce that is welcomed on date nights. 

How Spicy is Chili Joy?

Spicy enough for people who vibe on heat. Mild enough for people who can't handle it. Kids enjoy it too. 

How is it manufactured? Small batch made in Los Angeles

Packaging:  7 oz straight glass jar 

Care & Safety: 

Every jar is carefully packed and vacuum-sealed.  There is no ingredient in this jar that can go bad, but we do recommend storing up to 12 months in the refrigerator after opening for best results. Always make sure to fasten the lid when stored, and use a clean utensil when handling. Start enjoying! 

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