Brushed Denim/Organic Cotton Mask

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AMERICAN denim mask in white. 

100% brushed cotton lined 100% organic cotton twill. Cotton grown and manufactured in the US.

Standard: 6"- 6.5" (H) x 9"(W) x Sides 3.75"  

7" blue ear loop

Fits a spectrum of men and women.  Should cover the nose and wrap under the chin and create a v-shape at chin.

Mens Large7"(H) x 10"- 10.5"(W) x Sides 3.75" 

7" white ear loop

Generally fits someone who wears a hat size 7 3/4 or larger.  Pls check size chart to confirm.

Machine wash, tumble dry ok.  Steam or iron to restore shape. Keep elastic ear loops away from heat. 

Made in USA