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Bravanariz Room Spray | October



Home Fragrance 100 ML

OCTUBRE (October in Catalan) brings you the soft nuances of fall. Silent mushrooms growing on the shade, lemon verbena and mandarins, chestnuts and grenades, all immersed in the resinous healing aroma of a timeless pine tree.

We bring the great aromas of our landscapes to your home, so you and the ones you love, can keep up with the cycles of nature along the year and enjoy its wonders. One fragrance for each season to fill your house or your working place with the changing scents of the wild. Because just like eating seasonal products does us good, seasonal smelling also benefits us,
tuning up our inner cycles with those of nature. Because after all, we are nature. Our INSIDE SCENTS will help you remind that and will bring the joy of the Mediterranean inside your house and inside you.

According to rural tradition, the beginning of the calendar is on September 29 (San Miguel). This is the moment when nature prepares and fertilizes its soils, with the fall of the leaves, to start its life cycle. It is a season of transition and great changes. The days get shorter, the temperatures drop. At the social level, it means going back to work or school. Like every beginning, it is a time of many novelties that generate certain anxiety. Our bodies and minds need to adapt. Luckily nature, as always, offers us what we need.

Plants & benefits:
Lemon verbena /Hierba Luisa (Aloysia citrodora): Actúa sobre nuestro sistema nervioso, tranquilizándonos y ayudando a centrar nuestra atención.
Myrtle /Mirto (Myrtus): También es un olor relajante y un reconocido descongestionante del sistema respiratorio.
Juniper /Enebro (Juniperus communis), Pine / Pino (Pinus halepensis): El binomio perfecto para los primeros resfriados del año. Antisépticos y antimicrobianos, con su carga de fitoncidas refuerzan nuestro sistema inmunológico.
Oakmoss / Musgo de encina (Evernia prunsatri): Balsámico y estabilizante.
Tangerine /Mandarina (Citrus reticulata): El primer cítrico en madurar. Como sus primos hermanos, sube el ánimo y despierta los sentidos.


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