Natural Black Clay Plates

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Dinnerware artfully handmade from black clay from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.  

The black color is the result of a natural oxidation process, free of chemicals, lead, or glaze. 

The use of clay as receptacle for food dates back to Zapotec times.  The original version had a matte grey finish and it was easily breakable.  When cheaper, more industrialized containers became popular, the use of clay-ware was at one point phased out completely in the region. 

In the 1950s, an innovative female potter of Zapotec ancestry reinvented the traditional technique by burnishing the pottery before putting them into the kiln. The result is a beautiful patina seen on the clay plates made today.  These plates are also fired at high temperature and finished to reduced porousness and increase durability. 

There are different qualities of Oaxaca clay plates, and these are one of the most refined ones seen in upscale restaurants in Mexico City. 

Dinner plate = 11 diameter   

Salad plate = 8" diameter