Maison Modulare

12" Church Tapers


These artisanal candles are created in the timeless labor-intensive tradition of hand-pouring wax over wicks hooked on a large circular wheel.  On the bottom of the candles, you will see circles like a tree trunk, indicating how many times the wax has been poured around the wick to create the desired thickness. 

When burned, the candle becomes translucent and the light is warm and magical.

A thick cotton wick yields a spectacularly generous flame. 

100% natural paraffin. Unscented. 

Care:  Trim the wick before lighting the candle for the first time to minimize smoke. Do not leave it under the sun for too long, the stem will bend. If that happens soak the candle in warm water for 5 min and reshape it. 

Made by artisans using traditional methods in Mexico.  

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