Carta Arormatica D'Eritrea

Italian Incense Paper


Carta d'Eritrea incense paper.

Yellow (original) 

Blue (Mediterranean) : A fresh scent of cedar wood in basic sweetened berry vanilla, patchouli, and mastic gum

The booklet comes with 24 strips of paper  soaked in all natural essential oils without any artificial additives.  

How to use: Tear off a strip, fold it like an accordion, light it, and gently blow it out so it burns and release its fragrance slowly. We often burn a sheet after cooking to effectively rid of smells of fried food. 

These paper  can also be used by placing it in dressers, linen closets, suitcases, or the car to rid of any undesirable odor. 

24 strips per booklet. 

100% natural and ecological. 

Made in Italy. 

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