Care and Sizing


We recommend to hand wash and hang dry the face masks. This way they will dry in shape ready to wear.  It is also possible to machine wash and tumble dry them.  A steamer can be used to restore shape. 

The masks ca be steam ironed, which is also a good way for quick re-sanitizing. But it is very important to not use this high heat on the elastics or mesh parts to avoid damage.

If a cord lock / slider should ever slip out, an easy way to put them back on is with a needle and thread.




Standard size is full coverage and meant to fit a spectrum of women and men. It should cover the face from top of your nose and wraps under the chin into a v-shape. If you have a smaller face,  consider down size to XS. 

Lou is wearing XS


Chrys is wearing Standard


Josef is wearing Large


Head Loop style