Sound of Fischer #5


 Sounds of Fischer #5 Vinyl Record

Limited edition record by Sigur Rós to accompany your  Fischersund fragrance and incense collection. 

We highly recommend playing this soundtrack after lighting Fischer's unique incense cone crafted with Icelandic essential oils for focus. 

The music is inspired by the pandemic and how we see the world in a new light after its arrival. We want to share a moment of beauty with you and hope it will leave little traces of light in your day. 

Handmade in Reykjavik, Iceland

Fischersund  is a family-run business from Iceland that harnesses a collective of artisans at the intersection of scent, shop, gallery, and art. The team includes Jónsi (formerly Sigur Rós), Lilja, Inga Birgis, Rosa, and their partners Sindri and Kjartan. The brand lives in an experiential shop in downtown Reykjavik – a creative, family-run space in which every object and environment has been designed with care and attention to convey the aesthetic manifesto – to allow the senses to synthesize and harmonize. 

Made in Iceland  


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