In Fieri Perfume | Park of the Monsters


* Finalist for the 2022 Art and Olfaction Award

PerfumerEnrico Buccella for in Fieri 

Country of origin: Italy

Olfactory notes: lily, green notes, guaiac wood, incense, spicy notes, musk.

30 ml handcrafted extrait de parfum


Expert Review: "When applied the lily provides a creamy clove scent enhanced by the green aromatic touch. My nose picks up on a minty vibe that is well blended with the guaiac wood, spicy notes, and incense. As this fragrance matures, I experience a beautiful sweet musk accord that comes to fruition in the dry down. Notes in this creation interestingly are more "circular" rather than top, mid, and base. Performance on my skin is very good - lasting 8-10 hours with good projection the first 3-4 hours and leaving a nice scent trail (sillage) I find this to be a unisex fragrance."  @realtyisme

Inspiration for the scent: 

Great perfumes are often created out of memories of certain significance.  For Teresa Venezia, the Creative Director of In Fieri perfumes, inspirations were taken from childhood visits to Sacro Basco, Italy's mysterious garden of monsters located in the town of Bonmarzo, 92km north of Rome.  

"On Saturday, parents brought their children to the park. The family was greeted by Hannibal’s elephants and met Ceres (the goddess). She sat on colossal pile of fruits guarded by lions and bears. A tortoise was carrying a winged woman on its back. Then we saw a monstrous Orcus with his mouth wide open and the ferocious Cerberus protecting the underworld. We started running and looking for a safe place to hide. Fortunately, we were met by Pegasus, the winged horse, and rode him to the elusive sea, where Proteus was sailing a whale and Triton was listening to the sirens’ enchanting music in his golden palace at the bottom of the sea.

We went to the leaning house and fell asleep. The end. 

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