Hilde Soliani

Hilde Soliani Fraaagola Saalaata


PerfumerHilde Soliani

Scent:  Fraaaagola Saaalaaata. (Salty Strawberry)

Country of origin: Italy

Olfactory notes: Strawberry, Salt.

Fraaagola Saalaaata, a surprising mix of strawberries and salt, is a playful, unexpectedly subversive scent, a composition with two sides, sweet and forceful, Elegant and humorous.

100 ml eau de parfum


Gourmet perfume refers to fragrances that smell as though they are made of edible ingredients. It is a category of fragrance that is growing and getting more interesting in recent years. The most well-known one is Serge Luten's Un Bois Vanilla. Niche perfumer Hilde Soliani takes this category to another level. 

Miss Tranchant is a unique "parfum gourmand" that pays tribute to Michelin star chef Mauro Uliassi, famous for his seafood.  This divine scent brings you to his famous seaside restaurant in Senigallia, Italy, a port town on Italy's Adriatic coast.


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