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The Secret to Joyful Meals at Home 

Restaurant-grade natural flavor enhancer. Instantly transform simple home-cooked meals into memorable feasts. 

Vegan | Gluten-Free | No MSG | No Soy | No Sugar | Low Sodium

Small Batch Made in the USA

Chili Joy is not just another chili oil, it is a versatile flavor enhancer that can be used as a spread in sandwiches or a dip for dumplings.

Drizzle, dollop equal parts of paste and oil on grain or leaf salad, and mix with dressing. A great topping for pizza, pasta, tofu, grilled vegetables, and more! 

What is Chili Joy made of?

The main ingredients are a wide variety of regional chili and peppercorns.  Slow-roasted to perfection, infused with a touch of kosher salt and garlic in healthy safflower oil. 

Ingredients:  Non-GMO Safflower oil, gochugaru, serrano, chipotle, peperoncino flakes, peppercorns, garlic, star anise, kosher salt.

How Spicy is Chili Joy?

Medium 6/10

What Makes Chili Joy special? 

Clean and sophisticated. This is the only chili sauce on the market that allow the purity of chili peppers to speak for itself. No anchovies, shrimp paste, shallots, nuts, or any potential allergens commonly found in chili sauces. 

No garlicky aftertaste. This is a chili sauce that is welcomed on date nights. 

How is it manufactured? Small batch made in Los Angeles

Packaging:  7 oz straight glass jar 


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