Handmade Beeswax Bouquet Candles - Set of 3

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A set of three bouquet candles in the same color way.

These are hand-sculpted candles in the shape of floral bouquets using natural dyes. 

Each is unique and vary a little in tone. They are not perfect and this is precisely why they feel so alive. You might get one where one pedal is a little chipped, the stem is not perfectly straight. Once they are burning, nothing matters. It's just full glory at your dinner table. 

Large candle (approx 12" tall) x 1 

Medium candle (approx 7" tall) x 2 

We will package them carefully. If there are damages beyond reason occurred during shipment , such as broken in half and cannot be used, please contact us we can work something else.  Otherwise, the candles are not returnable for exchange or refund.