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Love Gift Set


Allow the scent of Hotel Vesuvius to check you in. Light up the bouquet candle and let the flame consume the red wax to set the mood.  Record escapades of your passion in a linen-covered keepsake notebook. A special greeting card is included. (** Leave a gift note a check out if you want us to populate the blank card on your behalf) 

Product Details: 

Hotel Vesuvius  Perfume (30ml)  ♀♂ -

*Can be substituted with any full size 

In Fieri perfume  (just leave a message at check out) 

Best selling perfume from In Fieri (Italy) that is reminiscent of the volcanic eruption of Mt Vesuvius via the nuance of tobacco, whiskey, wood using some of the most luxurious ingredients in the perfume world:  oud, ambergris, hem, musk, sandalwood, cedar, birch, pine, java vetiver, and violet. 

Beeswax Bouquet Candle

8" L taper candle with circular base, partially adorned with hand-sculpted florets to resemble a flower bouquet.  Gift

Unscented, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, slow-burning, all-natural, calming warm glow.

100% handmade by renowned candlemaker Casa Viviana in the Valley of Teotitlan.

Octaevo Greeting Card: 

Size:  4.3" x 6.1", heavyweight card adorned by a gold metal lips paper clip. 

Octaevo Alianto printed red linen cover notebook:

Size: 5.1" x 8.3" Pages: 52
Binding & Embellishment: Saddle-stitched, gold foil stamping
Layout: Plain blank pages

Shipping from Los Angeles  

Free Delivery Available within 25 miles of Silverlake, Los Angeles


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