Bravanariz Discovery Set | Olfactory Journey


Nature scented unisex fragrance made by Spanish niche perfumer Bravanariz. 

The Discovery Set will include three different scents (BOSC, MUGA, CALA) that will take you on an olfactory journey of Empordà - from humid forests of the Abera Massif and the Salines Mountains, following the Muga River across the plains to its mount in the Gulf of Roses, and Cap de Creus coastline. 

Uses and properties:
Enjoy the properties of their 100% natural ingredients (see uses and properties for each of the LANDSCAPE SCENTS).

Very important: shake before use, since they have not been filtered in order to preserve all their natural properties and their complex aromatic richness.

3x10 ml eau de parfum, roll on applicator. 


Read about Bravanariz in the New York Times here

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