Bravanariz Landscape Scents | Cala


Bravanariz | CALA 50ml perfume. 

Scent of the Mediterranean Sea in the summer 

PerfumerErnesto Collado Sala

Country of origin: Spain

Plants: Chamomile, Rosemary, Spanish lavender, Lavender, Cypress, Rockroses 

Uses and properties:
Emperor Charlemagne ordered fennel to be planted in all his villas for a good reason. Mint is refreshing and whets the appetite, and salvia gets its name from the Latin word salvare and provides the best natural remedy for excessive sweating. It is perfect for a warm and stimulating summer (so long as you can enjoy it far from work).

Shake before use. 

50 ml Eau de parfum


Read about Bravanariz in the New York Times here.

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