Bravanariz Landscape Scents | BOSC


PerfumerErnesto Collado Sala 

Country of origin: Spain

Plants: Oakmoss, Juniper, Rosemary/Romaní  Mastic, Pine tree, sweet orange.

What does winter smell like? There is something just under the surface in winter. Something scandalously silent, intimate, and warm. Winter is where the beginning begins. At BRAVANARIZ, winter smells like BOSC.

Description: Bosc, in Catalan, means “woods" - dead beech leaves, juniper, oakmoss, and ferns. Plant transpiration and a shelter for wild animals. The forest incites fear, mystery, and attraction at the same time. This bottle encloses the enchantment of the Salines mountains or the shadowy slopes of the Bassegoda, where the Pyrenees begin to show their teeth, and the Tramuntana wind tousles the lush blanket of foliage.

Uses and properties:
Oakmoss and juniper relax the muscles, and pine and rosemary stimulate and boost the mood. A curious balance. What more could you ask for? Ideal for creative spirits and people of action. It’s invigorating without causing tension.

Shake before use. 

50 ml Eau de parfum


Read about Bravanariz in the New York Times here.


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