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Jeanne Bouclé Mask Womens XS

$23.99 $60

Luxury mask made from collectible boulcé fabric. 

Seamless Italian wool boucle in brown with stitching detail 

Mask comes with optional adhesive nose wire and adjustable ear loops. 

The new seamless style has no center seam and it is sculpted by two darts near the nose bridge and chin to create more space that reduces fogging for eyeglass wearers. By adjusting ear loops with cord locks, you can easily create a flattering V shape at the chin.  Pull on the bottom cord until the mask wraps under your chin snugly.  

XS: 5”(H) x 8”(W) x Sides 2” elastic cord = 7" 

Care: For bouclé and tweed, we strongly recommend hand wash / hang dry. Wash with like colors. 

Made in USA 

Personal items are not returnable. Please see our return policy for details. 

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