A Travel Guide to Oaxaca

How to get there: 

Getting there is super easy.  There are direct flights from Los Angeles to (OAX) via Volaris or connect through Mexico City. Plenty of taxis ready to take you to your hotel when you land. But it is much more comfortable  to book a driver through your hotel in advance. The fees are generally 600 MXN (around $30) for a small car up to 3 ppl with luggage or a van 1000 MXN (around $50) for large groups up to 12 ppl. 

Where to eat: 

Alfonsina @alfonsinaoax - Lunch Alfresco -a culinary experience unique to Oaxaca that cannot be missed.

Alfonsina Oaxaca outdoor kitchen

Alfonsina @alfonsinaoax - a culinary experience unique to Oaxaca that cannot be missed.

Corn soup at Alfonsina Alfonsina courtyard Alfonsina tamale con mole verde

The restaurant is near the airport so we recommend you book a table on the way in or on the way out of Oaxaca. 

Book online, call or text via WhatsApp +52 81 8181 9859

Front of house staff  speak fluent English so don't be shy! 

Pitiona rooftop dining

Pitiona @pitionaoax- rooftop dining 

There many dining options with a view in old town Oaxaca but the food at this seemingly touristy joint has the best food and value. If you see sweet corn cuitlacoche or huitlacoche on the menu make sure to order it.  For 4 people and with plenty of food and cocktails we spent approx $60/person here for dinner. 

Cuitlacoche at Pitiona Oaxaca  


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