We began making face masks at a time when professional PPE was in very short supply. The idea was to offer "civilians" a comfortable and stylish way of protecting themselves and others, to the level needed in everyday life, while taking pressure off the market for professional protective gear. The other part of our idea was to donate one mask to those in need for every mask we sell as part of the #mask4mask initiative.

Since then we have donated thousands of masks, both PPE in collaboration with our friends at Babyletto as well as several thousand of the handmade ones from our own production. They went to child care centers, hospitals, organizations working with homeless families and schools.

It has been very fulfilling be able to "do something", however little it might be in the grand scheme of this pandemic. But to see the smiles through the masks is priceless.

You can see some information and pictures of where our donations went on our instagram and we encourage you to be active in your own community as well, if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity.

Donation List:

Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital

Fashion Girls For Hunmanity 

LA Family Housing 

Christ-Centered Ministires

Cedar-Sinai Hospital 

Oaxaca Artisan Emergency Relief Fund 

Hannah's Children's Homes

Skyline Healthcare Center 

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School 

Black Lives Matter 

Housing & Services NY


Young Hearts Foundation