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Chrys Wong Maison Modulare American Face Mask

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The Real Real X Fashion Girl for Humanity Mask Sale


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The Story: (via TRR website)
Fashion Girls for Humanity is a charitable nonprofit organization Julie Gilhart founded with Kiki Hanazawa, Miki Higasa, and Tomoko Ogura in the wake of the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami. The team reached out to a community of designers to contribute reusable masks to a public sale on The Real Real. All of TRR’s proceeds would then be donated to Gowns for Good Made in America’s initiative to get PPE to frontline workers.

Supporting small businesses within the fashion and garment industries that have seen massive upheaval since quarantine went into effect, the initiative strives to keep businesses intact, frontline workers protected, and a wider community equipped with masks to practice safer social distancing. Gilhart said, “We wanted to hell not just our beloved city but others that had been hit hard. The unfortunate thing about this crisis is that it’s impacting the entire world. We saw an opportunity to help bring people together through our online platform.” 


Q&A with Maison Modulare
What compelled you to join forces with and collaborate with Fashion For Humanity?

I admire how Fashion Girls for Humanity is promoting action by example and by sharing vital information and knowledge. The message is so selfless and humble. Getting PPE to hospitals is something I had been working on as well. But there is a limit to what I can do by myself. So I am happy to have this opportunity to collaborate with a great organization and some very talented people behind it!

Is there a particular inspiration or reference behind your design?

The shape of our mask was derived from a Harley Davidson face shield that I once saw at a vintage store.  The mask covers the nose and wraps under the chin so there is less opportunity to touch your face. Each fabric series tells a story.  The American denim series are masks made from cotton grown in the US, manufactured in Missouri, and sewn in California. The linings are 100% organic. This is an American movement to respond to Covid-19 so I would like to keep as many Americans employed as possible in the process.