Hand Dipped Pillar Candles

These extraordinary objects are made by artisans in Mexico with techniques perfected by generations of experience and craft. The labor intensive technique requires each artisan to hand dip cotton wicks in natural paraffin wax and tree resin 40 -100 times to achieve the width and thickness of the final product. 

In contrast to industrialized varieties, our pillars have the shape and texture of a hand-built objects - like ceramics and sculptures. There is also substantially more material that goes in each candle. The result is longer burn time, generous flame, and painting like golden light. 

Candles come in option of different thickness and height. Group them in a way that work for your home. Small candles are great for the dining table. Medium candles are perfect for mantles and credenzas in the foyer. Large candles are ideal near or in the fireplace, or outdoor patios. 

Options of black or white. 

Note: some white candles have an amber undertone as the candle starts out with amber resin and therefore the light exudes from burning have that glorious warm sunset light. 

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