An Erewhon Market Love Story - Gaffer&Child

Grigore and Vivian met at Erewhon Market in Venice. They fell in love, and through their shared passion for health and natural products, they founded Gaffer & Child  a result-driven, beautifully packaged clean skincare line that has now been carried at Erewhon Market for close to 5 years.

The MM team met the couple one sunny day at our pop-up shop located in the community room of the new Erewhon Market in Silverlake and another beautiful love story ensued. We were instantly attracted to the vibrant duo who embody endless knowledge of beauty and wellness.

Gaffer & Child products are uniquely packaged in Miron violet-glass, biophotonic bottle used specifically to preserve natural products and is more visually pleasing than your average amber apothecary packaging. The violet-glass protects products from harmful effects of light, maximizing product’s potency and shelf life. 

The full product line consists of a simple beauty regime that is meant to be used daily. Here are some tips we learned from Vivian, a licensed aesthetician who helped develop the product line. 


Step One: Cosmic Cleaning Oil - this is all natural cleansing oil that is so gentle that it won’t irritate the delicate eye area. At the end of day, we apply a thick layer to the face, and it melts all the makeup and dirt away instantly, including stubborn brow tints and eye liner. 

We also use the oil in the morning with a Gua Sha tool to wake up, de-puff, and tighten the complexion. 

Step Two: 3 times a week we use the Stardust Clay Cleanser to exfoliate the skin. This all natural product smells like hot cocoa that one makes before bed - so delicious and comforting. Activate one teaspoon powder with either the Neroli, Rose, or Lavender Magic Mist in your hand to form a soft mouse. Massage entirely into damp skin with pads or our fingertips. Rinse, and you will see your skin glow. 

Step Three: Use the Solar Youth Serum during the day and Lunar Youth Serum at night to hydrate your skin. During winter months when the skin is chapped, mix a drop of the serum to emulsify the balm-like Dream Cream.  

Our favorite products from Gaffer&Child are available on our website under the Self Care category. 

With Love, 

The MM Team 

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