Nevada High Desert

It is a great time to enjoy all the photos we take but never seem to get around sorting through.  Last fall, our family were hosted by the Italian journalist Fabrizio Rondolino at his secluded Modernist Desert Retreat in the Nevada High Desert near Scotty’s Junction.


Our Death Valley Family Trip in a Modernist House

Modernist home in Death Valley

Modernist home in Death Valley

 This vacation home in the middle of an isolated stretch of high desert, designed by Peter Strzebniok (nottoscale, San Francisco), it incorporates the vistas by visually expanding into the surrounding landscape, providing stunning views, while also making the desert part of the interiors – merging the interior with the exterior.


Death Valley Desert

Desert Sci-fi

It turns out getting too dressed up in this setting makes you look like a supervillain in a low budget sci-fi movie.


Bicycle shadow play in the desert

Sustained injuries while on a bike ride but the Bella joggers & faux Pony Hanne boots held up pretty well.


Death Valley

Abandoned chapel in Nevada

Abandoned chapel in Nevada

“...(Nevada) despite being composed almost wholly of federal land and a vociferously patriotic American populace, it hardly seems part of US...scourge of gamblers and forty-niners, home to untamed mustangs, unreined brothels, and unbridled atomic bombs.”- D Darlington (AREA 51) I must add - it is also a place where dreamers come to realize their Fitzcarraldo like goal. Some are more successful than others. This chapel was abandoned and never finished. I guess God wasn’t being helpful.

Modernist home designed by Peter Strzebniok

Modern Desert Homes Window with a view

Area 51

Desert slide

Land Rover in the desert

 Desert at night