A Little Bit More About Our Face Masks

There are not enough medical-grade PPE such as surgical or N95 masks for everyone, so those should go to doctors and nurses working in the front line.  Cloth face coverings are recommended by the CDC and now required by our city of Los Angeles while visiting essential businesses.

Maison Modulare masks are made of sustainable material lined by tightly woven cotton such as twill, poplin, or gabardine.  These don’t have a filter or a slit for a filter.  We do not claim that these masks provide sufficient protection from a Covid-19 infection.  We only know that studies from other countries have shown that the usage of masks may help slow down the transmission.

The masks in Standard and Large sizes are full coverage to eliminated the chance of touching your face.

If your face is narrow, or simply don’t like the gaping, go down to the XS size. We also recommend knotting the ends of the elastics to tighten your mask if they feel too loose. For those who have the opposite problem, Large has the widest measurement across, and the elastic can be knotted for adjustment.

We believe in minimalistic design, quality material and fine craftsmanship in all our products.  Although we are exclusively making face masks at the moment, we don’t see why we can’t incorporate those values into something we may all need to help curb this pandemic.  If everything we buy is significant and not disposable, then there will be a lot less trash out there in the world once this is all over.


Inside Face Mask

Sometimes I like to line a piece of unscented dryer sheet in my mask, not for extra protection, but to prevent makeup from getting the lining dirty.  Wash it often. Hand or machine wash with care and hang dry.




Face Mask

Here is me wearing a standard size mask in white brushed denim. As you see it’s not a snug fit.  Since we introduced our mask to be one size fits all, and offer full coverage face protection, I am going to be honest, some of you will find it slightly too big.  But just like any pair of trousers or jeans, you may want to consider hemming them for the perfect fit.


Inside Face Mask


The pink/white mask on top is an example of a mask that has been hemmed in the width. It’s a simple job, your local dry cleaner that offers alternation should be able to do it.  Without opening the seam or take the elastics off, simply ask your seamstress to fold in the sides.
Mask on the bottom is a reference for one that has not been altered.